Every Business has a purpose!

And it’s not just to make money. YES, we need that but we also want to make a difference. iwillhelp is perfectly positioned to facilitate this because it focuses on doing good while strengthening the relationship between the client and the customer. Baia mare Here are some other great companies that “Do Good” both in the community and on the financial statements.


Companies want to give, but most don’t have the facility to do it.

iwillhelp is an application dedicated to enabling small to medium sized business’s and other organizations the ability to gift dollars that are eventually channelled towards charitable or other worthy causes.

Unlike large companies like Air Canada that have foundations, iwillhelp can act as that gifting channel for companies who don’t have the ability to set up and manage their own internal gifting process. Now anyone can act like a large doner, just like he big corporations. Sign up at www.iwillhelp.ca http://www.aircanada.com/en/about/community/foundation/index.html

One handy way to size up a charity is to pay attention to how much it spends on overheads, rather than frontline do-gooding

Found this interesting article on charities and just what they should be doing with the money you give them through iwillhelp. There is a cost to raising money, but iwillhelp is doing everything it can to make these costs a very small part of the equation.


one-third of US corporations offer a formal employee volunteering program

‘The Marketing of Employee Volunteerism’ there has been an increase of employee volunteering by nearly 150 percent over the last three decades. Today, the idea that employees participate in citizenship programs by volunteering time in community activities is a widely

http://sustainableindustries.com/articles/2012/03/giving-time-pays Cykloalkany .

The Future of charitable giving is the Social Enterprise. I think we hit it right on the head.


There are approximately 80,000 registered charitable organizations in Canada, and more than 40 per cent of them are operated entirely by volunteers.  It is time for charity to be redefined and it is time for charities to be held increasingly accountable for creating dependency. Some industries and businesses require support from the government in their infant stage, but the support cannot continue indefinitely. Benguela 37 808 474 . Charities understand the role of self-sustainability, as it is often the goal of the work that charities do.  Now is the time that charities ought to apply the same methodology to their own funding, and move toward social enterprise and sustainability.


Nearly half of most innovative firms founded by those who create products for own use first

Entrepreneurs who create innovative products or services to answer to their own needs first then go on to build some of the most innovative companies, a study suggests.
Read more: http://www.ctv.ca/generic/generated/static/business/article2366458.html#ixzz1p0JKybMR

This is genesis of iwillhelp. It was created by a sales guy who wanted to engage his clients in a valued added way that also allowed him to strengthen his relationship with them. This application is good for ANYONE WHO WANTS A STRONGER RELATIONSHIP WITH SOMEONE ELSE. (and we all do)    Grant!

Business Transactions with Heart

iwillhelp.ca was built with the underlying belief that companies want to do good, but also believe that their is nothing wrong with getting some credit for do it, especially if getting credit for doing good results in getting more business that allows it to do even more good in the community. Smooth and easy facilitation of this process is what iwillhelp is all about. Any sales organization can gift any person (employee, client, prospect, etc.) any amount of money that can then be donated to a charity of the recipients choice.

iwillhelp is designed to be simple, clean, easy and valuable!

The First blog post.

Corporate Charitable Gifting has been given a boost by fledgling web application www.iwillhelp.ca  Calgary, February 1st, 2012

Small to medium size corporate charitable gifting is being givenan on line app that allows for ongoing, transparent, and accountable fund rising for Charitable Gifting strategies through www.iwillhelp.ca  

www.iwillhelp.ca has dedicated proprietary technology that provides participants a CRM that has the ability to facilitate a donation, that is directed by the “people who mater to you the most” to pick from the over 80,000 registered charities in the www.iwillhelp.ca data base.

This is a strategic benefit that is designed to create and nurture strong and lasting relationships with clients, employees, friends, family members and anyone who you wish to empower.   

“What if corporate Canada dedicated a small portion of every sale on a year round basis to charity? That number could add up to tens of millions of dollars.” comments Grant Kelba, President of iwillhelp ltd.  “The goal is to create an ongoing revenue stream of micro gifting where small amounts can add up to large numbers while engaging companies and their stakeholders in ongoing mutually agreeable charitable purposes.


This web application was purposely designed to be simple, easy AND FREE to get yourself set up to use, with the only cost being when a gifting trigger is initiated by one of your Benefactors.   

Anyone who is involved in sales or client relationship management, and who wants to do it with substance, is invited to nominate their Benefactors and begin contributing to their community.  

For more information, please contact

Grant Kelba  grant@iwillhelp.com  403 681 7831,      1-800266-9092