Choosing Change

There are very few people in this world that I truly look up to.

I’m not talking ‘idolize’ or ‘simper at their feet’ kind of thing.

I mean look up to. Want to emulate.

A while ago my husband and I were invited along a friend’s path to meet Tom Jackson and his wife, Alison.

We didn’t know what to expect. We just entered with respect, from what we heard about them already, and with honor, as we were entrusted to enter their world with dignity and true friendship. No question.

We were more than received. We were held by this incredible couple.

We have been friends ever since, and we hold this friendship dear to our hearts.

You see, this man of self-less means, born into a family who welcomed people warmly, CHOSE to rise up and make a difference.

He CHOSE to CREATE change!

The woman who stands beside him balances him.

Together they emanate unity, compassion and love for mankind.

A love that, I feel, the world is missing more than any other.

Among MANY incredible milestones and awards for his presence on this planet, the one that stands out for me is that he has been instrumental in generating approximately $200 million in combined cash/in-kind value for food banks and disaster relief!


That’s ALOT of food!

That’s ALOT of in-kindness!

And I wonder, what is at the tips of MY fingers that I can start creating change?

Who around me needs a warm meal, a warm bed, a coat, a blanket, a hug, a smile, an ear, a cup of tea, a note, a song or a chance?

Who around me is touched by something overwhelming that a little help from my ‘cup of plenty’ can allow them to make a difference where it counts to them?

I choose to look.

I choose to create.

i will help!

And in the words of the ‘Big Guy’ himself: “You don’t have to change the whole world, you just have to change your world, and the rest will follow.” Tom Jackson



Proud to be a part of the iwillhelp Team


Govn’t. of Canada announces Social Innovation funds. iwillhelp fits nicely into this model.

This is ultimately where iwillhelp wants to go.

We want to partner with a select group of Social organizations to create investments in social causes. But we need Social Activators to make this happen.

Thanks for joining and for “Changing the Nature of Giving in Canada”.

Past, Present and Future Shifted by One Small Act of Love Today.

I am sincerely moved today by a video shared on Facebook that completely represents what we are doing here at iwillhelp.

It moved me to tears!

One gesture of kindness can be life altering for the receiver! It can open doors so vast that they are reciprocated years into the future at a time least expected.

Past, Present and Future shifted by one small act of love today!

We at iwillhelp take it even one step further! We open the doors for you to bring someone else along with you!

We may not know how significant the art of true giving is when we first offer it. We may never know. But it starts with you! And that’s the beauty!

All we can do is plant the seed, share the joy of giving, and let Life work it’s magic.

From our Hearts to Your’s,

Enjoy The Video


The iwillhelp Team

Sport your Brand from the Inside Out.

I don’t know about you, but there is so much STUFF out there!

I know business to business relationships include sporting your brand and keeping top of mind. Successful business practices require us to sport our brand on everything associated with that brand. Caps, jackets, pens, notebooks, flags, banners, mousepads, flower baskets, uniforms, ‘Thank You’ cards….you name it you can have it logo’d with your name, brand, and grandmother on it!

How much of it goes to waste? How did ‘Wilson’ get to be floating out in the middle of the ocean before he was ‘discovered’? Hey, he may have made Hollywood, but it was the story that touched our hearts! We ALL know Wilson from the story he was featured in!

So, when is enough stuff, enough? Are there other ways you can sport your brand and keep top of mind with your associates and clients without ‘stuff’ collecting in their waste baskets?

You bet there is!

The saying that “People will forget what you do, but they will never forget how you make them feel” applies to iwillhelp. We turn your marketing expenses into the gift that gives the gift of giving! Reaching people from the inside out.

It’s simple:

Sign up

Add your Clients

Gift them funds to donate to a charity of THEIR choice for any reason at all!

Repeat and just try to wipe that smile off your face!

YOU just gave the gift of giving, no ‘Stuff’ required!

Out of Silence Comes Hope.

Recently I received a phone call from my sister. Coming from a family of 1 brother and 9 sisters, she was the one I have connected to the most, gloves off and heart always open.

She was overwrought with grief about losing her hearing. She had lost the hearing on her left side years ago, and is now losing her hearing on the right. On top of it, the constant ringing of tinnitus lurks in the distance and will soon be the only sound she will ever hear.

She was the sister full of adventure! Wilderness hikes are my favorite childhood memories with her; singing “Que Sera Sera” as we marched along, the older kids holding the hands of the smaller ones, over the terrain to discover bugs and flowers, closing our eyes and listening to the rush of the rivers and the wind in the leaves.

We spoke of her employment possibilities now, at age 51, the challenges she will face in the future, and the sadness about never being able to hear the deep baritone voices of her sons singing their home-written songs. My heart bleeds for her! I feel her fear and sadness deep into my own soul.

I have become more aware of every single sound that surrounds me and I do not ever want to take it for granted, that simple gift of hearing.

As we came to the close of our conversation, both of us sniveling messes of nose-blowing and tissue, I was moved with the perspective that welled up from her sorrow.

“Dad once told me that ‘You cannot sit amoung the well and make a difference, you make a difference by helping other’s become well.’ ”

She was comforted by the memory of that conversation; that there was something she could still offer from this silent, ringing, journey that is soon to be her’s. A new circle and a new path; that there will be other’s in need of her to help them through their fear.

No matter what our journey is; no matter how far along the path we are, there is someone trying hard to keep up, who looks up to us, who is reaching for our hand to simply be encouraged a little farther toward the finish line.

Take a look around and offer your helping hand. Offer them a way to give back to a charity that affects them personally. You will make a big difference in their world!



Introducing Colleen to our Team!

As we continue to carry iwillhelp into the future, we have asked Colleen to join the iwillhelp team! Colleen is a singer/songwriter and writer with a passion for giving back through her gift of word and music.

We want to keep in closer contact with you as we grow and develop this unique and incredible avenue to ‘Change the Nature of Giving’ within the small business community.

iwillhelp Communications Assistant

iwillhelp Communications Assistant

Thank you, Colleen for joining our team and we look forward to reading your posts and insight into this new age world of giving the gift of giving!

If you have questions, concerns or ideas for Colleen, you can reach her at


Giving the gift of giving

There are so many other productive ways of making a statement, doing something, making life full or use an adjective you want.

Instead of drinking your face off with an neknomination game,

How about give someone the gift of giving. Young people have got it right and boomers and others should learn from them for a change.

What good is all the wealth one can compile when it brings only unhappienss and stress? Make a statement and feel good about where you are by doing what is right.

GIVE THE GIFT OF GIVING and use to do it.

Disturbing trend

There is a disturbing trend in Canadian charitable giving.

Canadians are giving less and less every year, just as the need and number of causes are going up. And with governments able to give less all the time, who is going to make up the giving gap?

SME’s are. As long as they start to  use iwillhelp as their vehicle to do it with.