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We are closing the gap between

Company, Client & Community!

People may forget what you do,

but they will never forget

how you make them feel.


"iwillhelp gives your Company a meaningful way to connect with your Clients and your Community."           


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The World is changing and a new approach to Capitalism is emerging. 

iwillhelp is creating a significant ROI for companies that wish to use their marketing dollars in a way that generates impact for themselves and Society in general. 

 Let iwillhelp be your outlet for "Corporate Philanthropy" in a way that makes sense for your company. 


How iwillhelp works:

As a Social Activator, 

  1. Sign Up! Complete the form on the next page.
  2. Add your Contacts, Clients, Family! Make them "Benefactors of Change"!
  3. Reward them with Credits! They will be guided through an email on how to turn your gifted credits into funds they can give to a charity of their choice.
  4. Just TRY and stop smiling! YOU just gave someone the ultimate gift; the Gift of Giving!

You are billed only when credits are directed to a charity.

iwillhelp.ca aggregates transactions, so no transaction is too small!

As a Benefactor, iwillhelp.ca notifies you when you receive credits from someone.

  1. Simply Click on the link provided in your email.
  2. Pick a Charity of YOUR Choice! What charity touches YOUR heart the most? (Can't find it? Ask us to help you at info@iwillhelp.ca)
  3. Choose the Amount desired from your Gift! You can select the entire amount or save a portion to donate to another charity of your choice. 
  4. Confirm and Log out! 
  5. Just TRY and stop smiling! Someone gave you the ultimate gift; the Gift of Giving!

Using our database of over 83,000 Canadian Charities,

supporting what means the most to YOU will never be easier!

What is a worthy cause?

We are called upon to support our kids' hockey team, our church group, our community centre, disaster relief. Any cause that touches our heart, and the needs of others, is a worthy cause. You can truly make an impact on someone's life by helping THEM support what touches THEIR heart and needs.

26 million Canadians, or 84% of the population, have made a donation to charity in past the past year. 

See the latest Canadian statistics here. 

Teachers: Reward your students with $1.00 each to donate to a charity that touches their lives and write an essay on how it felt to be given the gift of giving.

Realtors: You found your Clients the perfect house, complete with wheelchair access for their child! Say "Thank You for Choosing Me as Your Realtor" by gifting them their housewarming present through iwillhelp!

C.E.O: You just heard that one of your employee's wives was diagnosed with MS. Reassure them with an "I Am Here For You" gift through iwillhelp to support the mission that is affecting them the most right now.

Veterinarians: Animal lovers will never forget their appointments when their notices are accompanied by a charity credit to support the animal shelter of their choice!

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Please take some time and have a look around. 

It's easy to use, and we ask for no commitment.


Surprisingly, only 4% of charitable gifting comes from small to medium size business enterprises! We can increase this substantially by changing the nature of giving in Canada!

  • This means your donations are 100% deductable as a marketing expense.
  • both Company and Client know when your funds have been transferred, in a secure, accountable and transparent format.
  • you are only billed when funds are directed by your Benefactor
  • all information you provide remains your property. 
  • there are NO subscription or setup fees.

Privacy Policy

We are governed by Federal Protection of Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and equivalent provincial legislation.

This legislation governs the collection, use and disclosure of personal data. Every transaction involving the handling of personal data (collection, use, transfer, disclosure, storage, accessing, processing, etc.), is conducted in accordance with this legislation.

These precautions are for your protection and mean that no Client transaction information is disclosed.

Please contact us should you have any concerns or simply require more information. Our email address is privacy@Iwillhelp.ca


Terms and Conditions (a must read before you start)

  1. Use of the site is FREE to your Company and your Client
  2. Once deposited into their iwillhelp  account, the charity credits are directed by the Client to the charity of their choioce..
  3. When your payment is received, funds are paid to the charity of the Clients choice, less an administration fee (7%) and any 3rd party banking or transaction fees.
  4. The Movement of Money: iwillhelp is a fully transparent, accountable and audit enabled application.  Our proprietary software allows for full tracking and reporting of funds on the move in our system.
  5. Ater 1 year, credits not directed to a charity expire, at no cost to you. 
  6. iwillhelp will not solicit or contact your Clients. Your contact information remians your property and iwillhelp.ca makes no use of it beyond those uses neccesary in the performance of our services to you.


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